While you are out and about this month, check at your favourite pet supply store for the latest copy of The Pet Source. It’s a great little magazine for all things pet related. Guardians Paws has a full-page advertisement in The Pet Source pet magazine, thanks to Cory, publisher and creator of the Pet Source.

Shari’s Quest at Sierra Springs and Sierra Springs Art Studio also has a full page opposite an article entitled, “Benefits of Swimming Dogs”, written by Shari Seymour. Veterinarians and dog lover alike are embracing a new therapy for our canine friends. The importance of soft tissue manipulation (massage) and swimming (hydrotherapy), aid in the prevention of injury and encourages overall wellness in our dogs.

Cory will also be writing our newsletter with associate members’ contributions of articles in their fields of their expertise. For a basic Heart of PAWs membership of $25 per year, you will receiver a copy of the newsletter. Please fill out an application at:

Be sure to find us in The Pet Source this month.
Find it online at facebook.com/endlesspublications