Hi again to everyone!

So here we are in 2012! Wow…where did last year go??
So much has happened in our world here at Sierra Springs with Shari’s Quest and Guardians P.A.W.s!

Many new friend have come into our life…and we have had to say ” Bye…see you again” to other friends.

We have enhanced the lives of many, many animals this past year….and look forward to doing so much more this year.

The official creation of Guardians P.A.W.s…it’s growth…the new team….the fund raising fun..the great things it is doing…the lives it is touching…and will touch is very heart-warming.

I am so very happy that I am able to pursue my dreams…and watch them come true.

As we are so attached to our animals…with watching them feel and act better, our lives as animal lovers and guardians are hugely enhanced!!

My quest remains…to enhance the lives of animals and their people. This year will see this quest become more…shall we say…pronounced. Much more powerful and very very loud!

We are partnering with great people and companies to raise up my vision and make the dreams…realities!

Watch for the opening of several new pools…with quiet rooms for other amazing people to work their magic to help dogs…and other animals…as they work toward feeling better in many ways.

I will be walking from Trenton to Newcastle ….with the help of many many great people and animals to get the word out there…and help raise funds for animals in need of rehab with Guardians P.A.W.s. We will have a celebrity or two join us with this.

As well, we will be holding a 50’s dance “Twisting for P.A.W.s”, and have a car show, we will be doing a motorcycle ” ride for Guardians P.A.W.s”…holding a benefit concert….and more!!!

Also watch for the announcements of the partners who are coming on board to build the Wellness Centre !!!

This Centre will be amazing!! Like nothing else in the world and nothing short of Nirvana!

A place where miracles happen!

What a great great year this is going to be!!!!!

If you want to join us on this amazing ride….let us know!!

Remember to “pay it forward”…and beautiful things will enhance your world!