Hi folks, it has been a very busy summer!
Lots of dogs come to enjoy swimming in Rice Lake.
My last Blog was about Lucy’s first swim…since then, she swam several times including swimming in her parents pool.
The swimming and massage helped her to feel better during her final months. She had a smile on her face, up until her last breath.
Sadly, as happens with all old friends, sooner or later, they have to leave.
I have to say, even though these doggies are in my life for a relatively short time, the pain of loss is still very evident. Even surprisingly so.

Montana, turned 15 this past August…and I notice these last few weeks he is finding his back end to be more weak than before. As long as I feel he’s happy, and not in pain, living a good quality life, I will help him to feel the best he can.

Making that final decision is not easy. Even though in your heart you know it’s the right thing to do…letting go…for their sake is still very painful.

It takes great courage to help your old friend cross over to a better, pain-free place. We all hope they will be able to run and play with other friends when they leave.

I believe this is true.
I also believe we will see each other again!

For all of us who are nearing…or at that decision point…hang in there!

Do the right thing…for them…not you.

Look in their eyes…they know they are in good hands with you. You will make sure they are okay….even if it means helping them to be pain free again…but in another place.

You can do it, if you reach down deep inside.

Smile through your tears, remember the great times you had and keep them close to your heart.

you are never really alone…

This is my boy, Montana...floating with me.