Good morning folks!

As this has been a particularly windy winter and spring…I wonder if it’s going to carry on into summer.

Have you noticed how dogs and horses act differently on windy days?

Horses don’t like the wind as they aren”t able to pick up scents or hear the approach of possible predators. Therefore…they get “goofy”. The downside to this is they are unable to focus on the task you are asking them to perform, and they have a very difficult time getting out of the “fight or flight” zone.

Be careful when you are working with and around them. Stay as calm as possible but keep your radar up.

If they can go inside…a shelter or barn…they tend to calm down. If there are other horses in their herd who are calmer by nature…it may be a good idea to keep them in visual range of each other.

Watch out for trees….we’ve had even the healthiest come down this spring.

Dogs on the other hand….enjoy the new aromas they are able to detect in the air. However, for those dogs who put wind together with thunderstorms…their world could be a little scary. Their anxiety is not uncommon…and a thunder shirt may be a good idea to help them calm down.

These “shirts” are really just a type of dog coat that fits them snuggly so they feel “hugged”.

In general…most dogs do well with this…but there are some who have issues with the “snugness:” and will rip the shirt off.

So, as with everything, try it…they may like it.

Enjoy the day….and the bad hair that goes with it!

Your friend in loving animals,